A Little Greek Tasting and Focus Group

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The Tampa Bay Bloggers were invited to the newest Little Greek Fresh Grill on Gulf to Bay in Clearwater to sample its classic Greek menu.

Upon arrival, the bloggers were offered wine and the Appetizer Platter that included small samplings of spinach pie, falafel, pita bread, hummus, olives, sliced cucumbers and tzatziki sauce. Of course, there were lots of laughs and plenty of Dolamades to go around and over-sized portions intended to be shared which makes Little Greek so great.

Appetizer Platter

Many of our bloggers opted to split meals to try a few different dishes off the menu, such as the Village Salad.

Village Salad made without lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, olive, green peppers, pepperoncini peppers, feta cheese and potato salad,

However, what made this tasting so unique is the feedback solicited by the Little Greek team. While we all loved the fresh fast food, the Little Greek wanted to know what our bloggers thought of the layout of the menu, its number of menu items and our thoughts on the portions. The tasting felt like a focus group forum and like good little foodies, our bloggers were not shy to share their thoughts.

Immediately, our fitness bloggers noted the volume of carbs and how the term “light” could be redefined by lighter meals with small portions of grilled skewers and substituting grilled veggies in place of a mountain of rice.

Grilled chicken with grilled veggie and rice.

Lamb skewers over rice with a Greek salad



Our bloggers were also asked about the price structure and according to the feedback shared by our Tampa Bay Bloggers focus group, they agreed that the pricing seemed about right, but perhaps Little Greek could offer specific days of the week to “Go Greek” at a reduced priced, such as some of their fast, fresh competitors. Regardless, the price and the generous portions of the very tasty fast fresh food at Little Greek Fresh Grill satisfied this hungry mob of bloggers!

You can find multiple Little Greek Fresh Grill locations all over Tampa Bay. To learn more, visit www.littlegreekrestaurant.com for locations, menu and store hours.

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