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Welcome to #FridaySharefest 11/30/.18!

Each week for our #FridaySharefest, we spotlight bloggers in our community to showcase some of the faces in our community of bloggers. This week our host is Ashley!

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Hi bloggy friends! Famous Ashley Grant here. If we haven’t met before, it’s nice to virtually meet you! On my own blog I write about everything from DIY projects to food and drinks, working anywhere with Wi-Fi, and things going on in my life. If we have met, it’s good to see you again, and thanks for stopping by!

One of my most recent posts on my blog is my List of Self-Care Gift Ideas.


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Though self-care may seem like it’s just an internet marketing buzzword, it’s also something we must do for ourselves. We can’t give from an empty cup after all, so this holiday season don’t forget to fill your cup up first. But, let’s get into why you’re really here – you want to know who I’m featuring this week, and I can’t wait to share these gals and their posts with you! Let’s dive right in!


Here are a few of my favorite posts from the last week:



First up, is Tracy with Having Fun Saving and Cooking and her Individual BBQ Chicken PizzasThese amazing individual pizzas are delicious. I can personally attest to that because I was fortunate enough to try them! They are the perfect weeknight meal for those busy nights. Just a few ingredients, and BAM! You’ve got a delicious entree. Pair it with a big salad, and dinner is done.


Next up is Linda Malys Yore with her exciting post 7 Things To Know Before Your First Time In London. Now, I’m biased because I’ll actually be in London in April of next year for the first time, and I need all the tips I can get. BUT, trust me, this post is a good one.  I’m particularly excited about her mention of some free things to see in London, but rather than spoil it, I’ll make you visit her site to find out what I’m referring to.


Third, is Diana, and her awesome post about a getaway to Sarasota. Here’s the thing – our state is filled with amazing wonders to be seen. We truly live in one of the most stunning vacation destinations in the United States, and many of the fun sites to be seen are right here in our own backyard. That’s why I LOVE staycation posts like this one. To know that fun places are a mere gas tank away or less from my front door, makes me a happy Ashley indeed!

Florida Christmas tree adventure

Finally, is Marsha, aka Plate Girl, and her post A Florida Christmas tree adventure, and hope for a better year. Her raw post explores something that many people shy away from in blogging and on social media – the struggles of a rough year, and the hope for a brighter future. I’ve noticed a lot of my bloggy friends busting out of the cookie cutter posts, and sharing the real stuff.

I personally love the fact that more and more bloggers are acknowledging the fact that life isn’t always as easy as a happy post on social media. Sometimes things get really hard. The important thing is to look for joy in the simple things – even something as simple as picking out a Christmas tree in the sunshine state.

To everyone reading this post right now, I’m sending you all the positive vibes. I’m praying that your future is brighter than you can possibly imagine. May your sorrows of yesterday dissipate and never return, and may we all have a happier tomorrow and beyond.

That’s all for now bloggy friends. Until the next time I host, may your page views be high, and your bounce rate be low!

Now we want to hear from you! Welcome to #FridaySharefest 11/30/18!

What creative content are you sharing this week?

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