Return to The Straz: Cats The Musical

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Broadway is Back at The Straz Center! And we are so excited!

Living here in Tampa we are very lucky to have The Straz as the epicenter of Performing Arts in town. You can attend a play, concert, comedy show, or artist lecture in one of the many halls on the property. Needless to say when things got crazy in 2020, The Straz was affected too.  But baby they’re back and all activities have resumed!

I am a huge fan of the theater and I especially love Broadway musicals, most of which I have seen for the first time right here at The Straz. I had not yet seen one of the most iconic: Cats, however. In fact, I actually hadn’t even seen the made for TV version either. So I was thrilled to have the opportunity to attend the touring production of Cats during its run at The Straz as a member of the Tampa Bay Bloggers.



The Jellicle Cats are ready for the ball where one of them will be selected to receive the opportunity to go to Heaven and be reborn. During the show, we are introduced to all of the Jellicle Cats as they make their plea for why they should be the one granted the amazing opportunity to have a new life here on Earth.


cats musical


While watching the show, I couldn’t help but ponder thoughts about life. What would I do if I were granted another chance at life? What can I do to live my current life to the fullest? What lessons have I learned in life and what lessons do I wish I had learned earlier? What can I do to make an impact on others in this life and after my departure?


I had so many thoughts, but here are a few essentials that The Jellicle Cats exemplified during the show:

  1. Like Gus, the theater cat, live like the world is your stage!  Do all of the things you desire, take a chance, live it up, and leave it all on the stage.
  2. Like Bustopher Jones, the upperclass cat, take the time to indulge in the luxurious things and treat yourself!
  3. Like Jennyanydots, the creative cat, don’t be afraid to try new things and explore your interests.  Want to learn to play an instrument, bake world class pastries, roller skate or learn a new language? Then make it a priority and do it!
  4. Like Jemima, sweet and compassionate, always be kind to others. The world is filled with enough challenges and heartache so dont be the cause of it. Extend grace to others and work to be a beacon of light for others.
  5. Like Grizabella, glamour cat, do what makes you feel confident and happy. Don’t wait for that special occasion to get dolled up and put on your good clothes.
  6. Like Rum Rum Tiger, the cool cat. enter the world with confidence. Embrace your greatness and allow it to be on display for the world to see.
  7. Like Coricopat, the intuitive cat, trust your instincts. Do not doubt yourself, you know what’s best for you so trust the voice in your head.

What would you do with another chance at life?


Thanks to the Straz Center for inviting me to attend the Broadway Production of Cats during its run here in Tampa. If you like me have not yet seen this production then I highly recommend you get a ticket to see the show this week.



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