Datz is So Progressive: #Crawl4Foodies

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Our long time business partner, Datz, invited several Tampa Bay Bloggers to experience its three restaurants (Roux, Datz and Dough) through a progressive dinner appropriately named #Crawl4Foodies.

At the start of the evening, we met at its southern sister, Roux. Just a few miles south of Datz on Mac Dill, Roux serves the best Nouvelle Cuisine outside of NOLA. This Creole-French fusion transport guests to the French Quarter with every bite.

The Roux signature entrees Abita Beer Crab Beignets, Boudin Balls and Char-grilled Oysters were served family style and paired with three hand-crafted cocktails: a Hurricane, French 75 or Sazerac.

Tampa Bay Bloggers toasting Roux.

The Abita Beer Crab Beignets rich, bite-size morsels of crab cake and the Boudin Balls tasted like a bite-size bowl of jambayla, but the buttery, cheesy Char-grilled Oysters stole the spotlight. Unanimously, it was the favored dish among the bloggers.

Roux Char-grilled Oysters

Roux Char-grilled Oysters

Roux Crab Beignets

Roux Crab Beignets


Roux Boudin Balls

Roux Boudin Balls

From Roux, we crawled to our next stop: Datz, where piles of Sriracha Popcorn waited for our arrival. For another savory starter, we noshed on a head of Buffalo Cauliflower and cooled down the heat with two hand-crafted cocktails: #HotSex and Love Stinks.



Tampa Bay Bloggers

The Tampa Bay Bloggers settle in for the food stunts at Datz.

Datz Cocktails

Datz Hand-crafted Cocktails: #HotSex and Love Stinks

Datz Sriacha Popcorn

Datz Buffalo Cauliflower

Buffalo Cauliflower

Since Datz offered us free range to order anything off the menu, we chose to order a few dishes to share and started with the highly recommended Cheesy Todd. Datz is best known for its food stunts and the Cheesy Todd, its newest foodie dare. We couldn’t let this food stunt slip away without at least trying a Cheesy Todd. Two ginormous mac and cheese bites replace a bun for this beef burger. Honestly, it’s a heart attack waiting to happen but totally worth every bite.

Datz Cheesy Todd

Datz Cheesy Todd

We also split The Dezi Arnez Cuban Salad, which captures everything we love about Tampa’s famous Cuban sandwiches in a bowl. Slices of ham, cheese, Spanish olives and a light vinegar dressing pay a delicious homage to our treasured Tampa heritage, Ybor City

Datz The Dezi Arnez Cuban Salad

The Dezi Arnez Cuban Salad

Our small bites of this and that left just enough room for dessert at our last stop, Dough. Only a few steps from Datz, the short #crawl4foodies walk helped make room for the scrumptious treats that waited for us. Once again, we shared spoonfuls of sweets to minimize the calories but maximize our tasting experience.

Dough Bacon Brownie

Dough Bacon Brownie


Dough Cheesecake Chocolate Ball

Cheesecake Chocolate Ball


Experience all the foodie stunts and deliciousness of Roux, Datz and Dough by following each restaurants on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Warning: Photos may cause drooling and short-circuit your phone.

RouxFacebook, Instagram and Twitter

DatzFacebookInstagram and Twitter

DoughFacebook and Twitter

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11 responses on “Datz is So Progressive: #Crawl4Foodies

  1. Bob Beck

    While the food looks really good I can’t help but think how gimmicky the burger is. I personally would replace the mac and cheese buns with actually squishy yummy buns and include a nice crispy slab of mac n cheese on the inside with the burger. Sounded like a great time though. And I really need to get to Roux to check it out.

  2. LoraLora

    Looks like SUCH a fun night! I love Datz, Dough, AND Roux! I’m now craving that siracha cheddar popcorn like WOAH; I think I have to go to Dough and get a bag this week! (Did you know they sell it there for you to take home? THEY DO! It’s amazing.) Have to try that new burger with the macaroni and cheese buns. Maybe after the next race?! MMM! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Beth Blacker

    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr….so mad I missed this! Tampa Bay is really exploding from a foodie perspective and this just proves that our community will be a force to be reckoned with in the next few years. Thanks for sharing this and get me on the mailing list for the next one!!!!!!!!

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