#FridaySharefest 12/29/17

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Welcome to #FridaySharefest 12/29/17!

Each week for our #FridaySharefest, we spotlight bloggers in our community to showcase some of the faces in our community of bloggers. This week our host is Caitlyn — and hola! You can find me at Live. Sweat. Sleep.; I share my love for Tampa, food & fitness — usually in that exact order.

Since I’m good at spicing it up, I am going to do our last #FridaySharefest of 2017 a little different. With 2018 around the corner, here are a few tips we could all adopt for 2018 to make it bada$$. (and, if you read my blog, you’ll recognize these from my original post, Lessons From “Deadpool”.

only give time to WHAT matters, unless when necessary. The older I get, the more I realize that I also, should give my time to what matters most. Care about those you love, care about your work, and care about what you put into your body. Don’t care about those negative peeps. Don’t care about those discouraging thoughts that creep into your head. Don’t care about anything that doesn’t push –> you –> towards –> your –> goals.

pick a mantra for 2018. “Deadpool” has plenty of great one lines, he really does. While one liners make for a witty comeback, pick a mantra that speaks volumes towards your goal(s) for 2018. Pinterest will do the trick to help you find one!

review your branding. your message. how you want to be VIEWED by your readers. We all know that our branding should describe, engulfs, & screams you — whether it be a visual, a mix of colors, a symbol, anything. Take a look at your blog & your social media, and be open to changes that may make you & your message even better.

be optimistic. It’s a good practice. Trust me.

What piece of advice would you give for 2018?

Now we want to hear from you! Welcome to #FridaySharefest 12/29/17!
What creative content are you sharing this week?
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