#FridaySharefest 3/23/18

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Welcome to #FridaySharefest 3/23/18!

Each week for our #FridaySharefest, we spotlight bloggers in our community to showcase some of the faces in our community of bloggers. This week our host is Tracy!

Hi everyone! My name is Tracy and love being a part of Tampa Bay Bloggers. It has been awhile since I hosted a #FridaySharefest and a lot has changed since then, Many of you may know by blog, Eat, Drink & Be Tracy, and while I have always been food focused, I am shifting gears a bit this year and focusing more on lifestyle and travel. Over the last year, I caught the running bug and have been burning up the roads with 7 half marathons and tons of 5/8/10 and 15ks. I am currently training for my first full marathon this summer and look forward to sharing my running adventures on the blog. You may also know me as @forkingaroundtown on Instagram where I share my food obsession and eating adventures.


Here are a few of my favorites from the last week:
4 Reasons Why You Should Try a Triathalon

WOW, JUST WOW! I loved reading Linda’s post about 4 reasons why you should try a triathalon and her post really made me want to challenge myself. As a fairly new runner, I am still getting my feet wet with races and have so much to learn. Many have suggested and or invited me to resister for a triathalon and my first response is always…heck no. Linda breaks it down into 4 fantastic reasons and I must say, she convinced me!


  1. Challenge: I love this word and it was my motto for 2017. I am proud of the fact that I completed every challenge I set for myself with running and even exceeded my own expectations. I am one who must always face my fears and I think to get over my fear of not being a strong swimmer is a great reason to challenge myself with a triathalon.
  2. Improving Your Organizational Skills: This is another area where I need help. I am such a crazy, busy mom with so many irons in the fire that I often run out of time or get backed up on simple projects. By training for a triathalon, it will help your time management and efficiency, which is what I really need,
  3. Meeting New Friends: Running has brought many wonderful people into my life and it is nice to be surrounded by people with common goals. I can only imagine the rockstars I would meet while training for a triathalon.
  4. It is fun: As much as I am scared to attempt a triathalon, I can only imagine how fun it would be and I am sure I would get lots of laughs as people watch me swim. 😉

Plate Girl Shares How To Buy A Car With The Blinker App

There is a new app in town and it makes buying, selling or refinancing a car so easy, you can do it in the “blinker” of an eye. In her beautifully written post, Marsha (better known as Plate Girl) shares this hot new app that you will have a hard time resisting if you are in the market for buying or selling a car. I myself downloaded the app and am in the process of trying to refinance my car and reduce my monthly payment. Marsha shares her experience with the app and how it can make the daunting process of buying or selling a car easy as pie.


Sheet Pan Oven Roasted Chicken and Vegetables

One of my favorite bloggers, Tracy from Having Fun Saving & Cooking, shares a great recipe for Sheet Pan Oven Roasted Chicken and Vegetables which I am anxious to make this weekend. As I am getting a tad stricter with my diet and training program, I am always looking for recipes that are healthy and easy to make for myself and my kids. Her recipe caught my eye and I just went shopping this morning for everything needed to make this dish. Being busy doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice healthy choices for dinner and Tracy always features great recipes that my family loves. I will be sure to share my pictures once I make it.


I hope you all have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!



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