Social Media Day Tampa Bay – Vote for Our Tampa Bay Bloggers!

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Hey everyone! Famous Ashley Grant here taking over the blog to share with you BIG NEWS! Several of our Tampa Bay Bloggers have been nominated for some SOCIAL MEDIA DAY AWARDS being put on by Social Media Day Tampa Bay!!!


Social Media Day takes place on June 30 to celebrate all things social media. The idea is to provide you with a place to meet your online connections offline! This year’s event will be held 6/30/17 from 5 to 9 p.m. at Ferg’s LIVE in Tampa!!!

The social media awards up for grabs include:

  • Best Local Instagram Account
  • Best Local Blogger
  • Social Media Professional of the Year
  • Social Charity

Below are the nominees, and if you want to vote for them, you can do so HERE! Good luck to all of the nominees, and I look forward to seeing all my bloggy friends at Social Media Day Tampa Bay.

Haven’t gotten your tickets yet? Head here to do it now!

Nominees for the Social Media Day Awards:

Best Local Blogger *

Best Local Instagram Account *

Best Local Social Media Professional *

Best Local Social Charity *

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