Spring Cleaning For Your Blog – What it is and How to Do it

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Hi bloggy friends! Famous Ashley Grant here to share with you the first of many posts featuring my tips, tricks, shortcuts and more related to blogging. Our fearless leader of the Tampa Bay Bloggers, the uber awesome Denise asked me to start popping in to offer up some of the pro tips I’ve been sharing on the Godaddy Garage and in various other spaces on the interwebs. I of course happily agreed, because I want ALL my bloggy friends to be successful in the blogosphere!

It's high time you clean...your blog!

Today I want to talk about spring cleaning….for your blog! Odds are, when you think of spring cleaning, your blog doesn’t come to mind. I for one think it should, however. Our own Nanci Cernak understands the importance of keeping your blog squeaky clean. She even wrote a post about updating her blog at the beginning of this year! Check it out here.

A tidy blog is a happy blog

If you’re like most people, you’re familiar with the phrase “spring cleaning.” De-cluttering and getting rid of things is important so that your space feels refreshed and well, clean. Have you ever thought of spring cleaning for your blog? What if I told you that cleaning out the cobwebs — like broken links, poorly sized images, irrelevant posts and more — from your space on the interwebs could be the key to getting Google to like your blog more?

Let’s explore how and why you should bust out the yellow kitchen gloves on your digital house.

Read the full post here: Spring cleaning your blog: Removing broken links, fixing images, deleting posts and more

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