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Welcome back to #FridaySharefest!

FridaySharefest Tampa Bay Bloggers

Each week for our #FridaySharefest, we spotlight a different blogger to showcase some of the faces in our community of bloggers. This week, our host is Steph, the writer at Orangespoken and RunWithGrief!


Since losing my mom Judy to breast cancer, I now see the world through orange colored glasses. Seeing the world this way means seeing the brighter side of things. Helping to inspire others to shine and love who they are. Taking those moments to soak up the sunshine. Dedicating time to making memories. Going after goals and living in each moment…because life can continue to be amazing and fulfilling after the loss of a loved one. 

Orangespoken also highlights #TeamJudy and the running events we’re involved in with for cancer advocacy and fundraising. We are currently right in the middle of breast cancer awareness month and #TeamJudy has been organizing a local fundraiser called Co-op For A Cure. This event helps to promote cancer-fighting healthy eating while raising funds for races like the Making Strides Against Cancer 5k on Saturday. 

For $25, participants with get a box containing a variety of FRESH (some even grown locally!) and seasonal produce from places like the amazing Parkesdale Farm Market! Profits from each basket purchased will go directly to TeamJudy’s fundraising for the races we’ll be participating in during the month of October! If you’d like to participate, we will continue to run the Co-op through the end of October. Email orangespoken@gmail.com for more details! 

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, this week for #Fridaysharefest I’m sharing posts by my fellow bloggers who have recently written stories that encompass the themes of love, compassion, and paying it forward!

Lora over at LoraHoga.com wrote an amazing post about how it is okay to ask for help. No matter what you’re going through- loss, pain, sadness- reach out, ask for help, and accept it gracefully!


Denise, from RunDMT shared her race recap from last week’s Susan G. Komen Suncoast Race For the Cure Breast Cancer Awareness Glow Run in St. Pete. It was a special evening celebrating the survivors and remembering and honoring those who live in our hearts. IMAG3465

Keara, from No Salad, Extra Gluten, shared an inspiring message about the importance of finding your tribe. “In this scary, angry, crazy, world we live in, find your people, surround yourself with good, and try to pass that along.”  11182129_1641984779355047_8670118814519230894_n

Nanci, from This Crazy Life of Mine, shares What’s She’s Reading this month- which happens to be a touching story about life, love and discovering your strengths and identity after loss. 


Now onto our regularly scheduled #FridaySharefest!

What have you got to share this week?  Add it below and check out what everyone else is writing about!


FridaySharefest Tampa Bay Bloggers

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