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#FridaySharefest 6.5.15

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Welcome back to another #FridaySharefest!

To our regular participants, thanks for stopping by once again to join in our weekly blog hop. We’re so glad to have you here!

If this is your first #FridaySharefest, WELCOME! We are happy to see you here!

Since launching #FridaySharefest, we have enjoyed reading all your posts. In fact, we loved visiting your blogs so much that we started spotlighting our favorite posts from the previous week.

This week, with summer amongst us, we will highlight some ‘bright’ posts and jog back to Wednesday, as it was #NationalRunningDay!

Do you have a summer vacation planned for yourself or you & your family yet? Yes…planning the details are tedious, but they are always a fun time! Al2getherFIT shares with us Five Reasons You Need a Vacation.


We all know that summer time is perfect for weddings. With Florida already tipping the heat into the 90s, it is always a task figuring out what to wear! We want to be stylish, yet comfortable, there will be pictures! Lora shares with us a few pointers on dressing for wedding season, and reminds us of a few essentials to bring along: How to Enjoy an Outdoor Wedding.



This week, there were a couple ‘National’ days that deserve a shout out. Today is National Donut Day, did you partake? And Wednesday was National Running Day — there are quite a few runners that are a part of the TBBloggers. Steph at Orangespoken, shares her love for running and The Courage You Will Meet at the Finish Line, I think a few of us runners can relate!


Now that we ran a couple miles, we can enjoy Nichole (@ Casa de Crews) for her yummy Spinach Artichoke and Pesto Naan with Feta creation! It is a simple recipe with not too many ingredients and looks oh-so-yummy!


If you missed these posts or any of the other amazing posts, you can view them all here.

Thank you to everyone for the all fantastic posts! PLEASE keep them coming!

Now onto our regularly scheduled #FridaySharefest!

What creative content are you sharing this week?

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