#FridaySharefest 7/28/17

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Each week for our #FridaySharefest, we spotlight bloggers in our community to showcase some of the faces in our community of bloggers. This week on #FridaySharefest we will be walking through a week in the life of our Tampa Bay Blogger community.

Monday: Live. Sweat. Sleep, Repeat. shared how the #VitaminExtravaganza has it at our local Spouts Farmers Markets.

Tuesday: Up and Humming shared her thoughts on Tech Tuesday for runners – she talked safety tech that every runner needs to know about!

Wednesday: Alex the Real Housemom tells us what mommy brain made her do! If you are a mom, you need to read this post!

Thursday: The Cocktail Couple helps us for the weekend with 3 Boozy Popsicles for Summer! Yummy!

Friday: Tampa Mom Runs gives a look behind the curtain on how bloggers can make money on their sites… from home… in their PJs!

Now we want to hear from you! Welcome to #FridaySharefest 7/28/17!
What creative content are you sharing this week?
Here’s how to properly participate in Tampa Bay Bloggers’ #FridaySharefest:
1. Add your link and VISIT AT LEAST ONE BLOG to leave a comment informing the blogger that you are visiting them for #FridaySharefest from #TBB.
2. Tweet, pin and share your favorite posts. After all, a Tampa Bay Bloggers’ #FridaySharefest is about sharing the love and great blog posts!
Any questions? Email tampabaybloggers@gmail.com

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